Thursday, August 28, 2008

There's a place I go

When I'm alone
Do anything I want
Be anyone I wanna be
But it is us I see
And I cannot believe I'm falling

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am updating on behalf of Panda Tan Wei Pin, fyi to all of you who don't know his full name, there you go...

Panda: "HUH????"

Nickyboi: "Panda what level are you at?"

Chinky: "Panda what the hell, why you buy centri.... blehhh"

Nickyboi: "Wah can't use any skill mann"

Chinky: "Damn strong lah.... shit.... die"

Panda: *remains silent*

Nickyboi: "Eh I can't get any skills mannn..."

Panda: *mumbles to self*

Chinky: "Panda don't kill me wei"

Chinky: "Panda don't wei don't wei..."

Chinky: "Eh panda damn mean lahhh"

Panda: "Oh fuck someone got the ring"

Chinky: "Such a turn off when guys keep playing their games right?"

Chinky: "Panda you got pets right?"

p/s this Chinky damn noisy lah

Nickyboi: "This chinky damn lousy wei"

Chinky: "wtf"

Nickyboi: "something something x"

Chinky: "x something something"

Nickyboi: "...... (too fast lah I can't get it)"

Panda: *mumbles to self again*

Chinky: "erm... okay"

Nickyboi: "okay..."

Chinky: "you got killed by crabs lah"

Nickyboi: "yea.. oh YES I got a skill"

Nickyboi: "nice.."

Nickyboi: "why I die?"

Panda: "whenever your under 10hp you will die (or something like that)"

Chinky: "fuck you"

Nickyboi: "go go go go"

Chinky: "nice lah nice"

Nickyboi: "he too strong already lah"

Chinky: "why you cant kill him one"

Nickyboi: "I got 1 wave only"

Chinky: "wtf"

Chinky: "cannot KS"

Chinky: "oh fuck"

Nickyboi: "why I die again"

Nickyboi: "Now what level are you ah panda?"

*no reply from Panda*

Chinky: "go go level up while I keep him busy"

Chinky: "wtf"

*long silent moment*

*everyone's so focused*


Nickyboi: "something something aldi something"

Nickyboi: "wtf"

Panda: "you die lah"

Chinky: "I don't understand"

Panda: *explains again about that 10hp thing*

Nickyboi: "eh panda why your life so high one"

*no reply again from panda*

Chinky: "fuck the dog"

Chinky: "when did you get more money than me"

Nickyboi: *laughs for no reason*

Chinky: "why ck so lousy"

Panda: "(I forgotten what he said)"

Panda: *laughs to himself*

Chinky: "What's this"

Chinky: "wtf damn hard to kill this one"

Chinky: "Why you get that aldi so fast one"

Panda: "tsk....."

Chinky: "woopsies"

Panda: *mumbles again*

Nickyboi: "fight him fight him"

Nickyboi: "I wave already"

Panda: "wooohoooo"

Chinky: "I try to help you okay"

Nickyboi: "What???"

Chinky: "what the...."

Panda: "nickyboi where you gonna run lah"

Chinky: "(forgotten what he said as well)"

Nickyboi: "ask him to come fight lah"

Nickyboi: "go kill him again liah fuck"

Nickyboi: "wave him lah"

Nickyboi: "why so pain one"

Nickyboi: "wtf was that lah"

Chinky: "cannot lah when he use his aldi cannot touch him"

Chinky: "nooooo... fuck wei"

Panda: *laughs*

Panda: "hehe... hello"

Chinky: "kill him already kill already"

Nickyboi: "when can I use my skills wei seriously"

Chinky: "why are you stronger than me/him?"

Panda: "I got ni.... (sounds complicated, like a jap entree dish)"

Chinky: "serious"

Chinky: "oh fuck the dog"

Panda: *answers phone*

I'm tired. And this post is such a bleh boring one.


As of now, I am dead doing C programming.

RIP me!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.

Monday, August 04, 2008

About Time!

To blog abit. Nothing much to blog about. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm