Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chapter 12: What happened to blog updating?

Okay. What happened to blog updating? Ask me, right, go on.. ask me! Well, it seems to me that laziness has taken over my soul. Ken says laziness is just the habit of resting before you get tired. So it appears to me that I have this habit (and it's uncontrollable). And I won't change it. So, just live with it.

My so called "I will blog during the school holidays" did'nt work. I wonder why? Refer to the bold and blue word on the paragraph above. So basically school is... just school. Exams sucks. At one time of the year I was flying high above learning aeronautics. At another time I'm rock bottom. I figured out last minute studying only works in certain conditions:
a) Form 1 and Form 4
b) First Mid Sem

I didn't meet any of those conditions during Mid Year Exams. I got trashed by everyone else. Sad, isn't it? (Yeah, sad for me. Others are more than happy to know my results) Anyways, life goes on and flowers continue to blossom. Time and tide waits for no one. Yay!

Oh! Erwin's back from Aussie! Sadly he has no Australian slang. Boo! Haha! Ciaozers.