Friday, June 27, 2008

Been thinking...

Judging from the fact that Mr Tay's blog has so much suspense and drama, I figured I should go all emo in the virtual world, while being a fucker in the real life, just like Mr Tay himself (No offence there shenny =X).

First I have this new emo-looking banner.

Now, time to emosify myself.

After analyzing Mr Tay's blog, I found out that to really make ourselves emo, we must insult humans.


Humans. Why do we even exist? Why do we have feelings that no other creatures on earth feel?

The pain.

The sorrow.

The immense sadness, as we sit at a corner, thinking about our pitiful lives.

The feeling of a thousand needles, stabbed so mercilessly into our buttholes.

Yet we can't let it all out.

Can't we even shit in peace?


Humans are so stupid. We eat, just to shit it all out in the end. And sometimes, it's just not worth eating. Things are never worth it anyway. Sometimes they stay, and we suffer, constipating, sitting on the toilet bowl, grinding our teeth. We even express our feelings through various Ughs and Aghs. But no, nothing ever happens. And to make it worse, these things we call "Mother" will freaking lecture us about not eating vegetables.

Vegetables. I hate them. They are so full of themselves. Thinking they will help us past motion. Screw you. Screw all of you! I hope you reincarnate as humans, and go through the same suffering as I had.

And hell, if it's not constipation, its diarrhoea. Things just never go the way you want them to be. And this "Mother" will again nag you for eating unhealthy food.


Seriously, why should we bother eating at all?

Humans contradict themselves. Earning salary to pay for food, yet let all the food out.

God is playing a practical joke on us all.


Damn it. I can't pull off an emo blog. Tips anyone?

By the way, lame jokes!

A: Have you heard of the show called "Constipated"?
B: No.
A: Don't worry, it hasn't start yet.

A: How about this show "Diarrhoea"?
B: No
A: Oh, it's still running.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rest In Peace..

One of my hamsters, Harry Plopper, passed away while I was in Melbourne =(.

My parents never told me!

It was sick for two weeks and then it died ='(.

=( =(.

I'm such a terrible owner.

Oh well, hope it had a good life.

At least Spiderpig's still alive.

Rest in peace little guy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busybody me......

I was just happily reading Shen's emo blog suddenly kena tag. WTH. But I'm so bored so yea -_-.


1. What is your full name?
- Panda ._.

2. Are you currently single or in a relationship?
- Single and ready to mingle

3. Do you hiaven any pets?
- Hamsters! Had a dog and tortoise. =D

4. What's your favourite ice cream brand(s)?
- Golden Gaytime FTW. And Il Dolce Freddo's

5. What's your favourite ice cream flavour(s)?
Freddos : Roche, Pandan
Basically chocolate

6. Who is/are your best friend/friends?
- Don't have one. Sadly.

7. What do you think of yourself?

8. Do you hate vegetables?
- A Panda's diet consists of like... 101% bamboo. What you think?

9. Can you cook?
- You name it, I'll (try to) cook it, but you MUST eat it k? =D

10. Can you play instruments?
-The PEEEE(Wait for it) Ah No!

~ 02

1. Cupcakes or cookies?
- Cookies N' Milk!

2. Art or Music?
- Both but I draw better than I sing/play instruments

3. Vanilla or Chocolate?
- Choconilla

4. Dogs or Cats?
- Pandog! (Refer to earlier post)

5. Skype or MSN?
- Mostly MSN

6. Italian food or Japanese food?
- Japatalian/Italianese

7. Morning or night?
- I'm nocturnal

8. Black or Red?
- Black

9. Guy best friends or girl best friends?
- Most of my friends are mixture of both, how la?

10. Mom or dad?
- Shh, they know about my blog ;).

Friday, June 06, 2008


I watched this quite a while ago but being the busy busy man I am, I had to keep delaying this post! This video saddens me and it's so cute! =(. Watch it!

The kiwi is part of the Ratite (Flightless) bird. So is the ostrich and emu(emo la the name).

Speaking of ratites, I guess I may as well blog about my fear for this scary looking bird of the same ratite family, the Cassowary!


Don't ever bring me near them. They look like aliens. With big foot. -_-