Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr. Horrible!

Okay, Mr Oxymoron here gave me a link a couple of days ago to this . It's a sing-a-long blog posted straight to the internet made during the Writers' Strike by Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.)

It stars Neil Patrick Harris (Barney in How I Met Your Mother), Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. This thingy consists of 3 acts, 1st one released on the 15th July, 2nd one on 17th, and the final one on 19th. They took down everything after 20th July, where they will see the response and will probably make it into a movie/series/whatever if there is a good response. Also, the 3 acts will be available to be bought from iTunes.

It's about this Dr. Horrible aspiring to get into the Evil League of Evil, led by Bad Horse, the thoroughbred of sin. This depicts that sometimes, not all Superheroes or Supervillains are cool (Wait till you see Bad Horse)

Pretty awesome. Many might get bored during the beginning of the 1st act thinking "WTF IS THIS? GIMME BARNEY STINSON AND HIS LEGENDARY STUFF" and whatnot, but listen carefully and it's actually filled with sarcasm and dim-witted humour. And then the good stuff begins, the singing.

Didn't know the Neil Patrick Harris used to be on Broadway singing in Rent. Good voice, reminds me of Princeton's voice in Avenue Q.

All in all a fantastic 40 minute thingy (All 3 acts combined). And being the cheapskate that we all are, I managed to find all 3 acts on another site so I'll embed all below. Enjoy the awesomeness.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Four Words


Friday, July 11, 2008

I Like This.

Recently I've been watching this TV series called Dexter. It's about this serial killer who is a blood spatter analyst in the forensics team of the police department. Uber cool!

And I like the opening credits of it! Watch it.

Monday, July 07, 2008

I am a nice guy!

And in contrast, Ken is not!

This is prove proof (Nabeh JY, happy now?).

And the article was just on my Yahoo! front page. I'm not some despo or some shit like that.

Or am I?

I am a hopeless romantic. There was this stupid birthdate shit I took which states that I wish that I'll have a love life like in a fairytale. This is shamefully true.

It's not like I don't know this kinda fairytale shit can never happen.

I just...

Real life sucks, huh?

And I swear my emoness has gone up. Is this pandEMOnium?


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Imma David Choi!

I'm gonna be a YouTube sensation! Phear me! Muahahaha.



Thursday, July 03, 2008


Caught a glimpse of you with my eyes

All I see, a butterfly

Then this familiar feeling came by

Was it a joke, was it a lie?

Did the whiskey get me high?

Should I try or say goodbye?

Does it matter if try?

Will tears flow even if i cry?

Sometimes things really seems so near... yet so far