Sunday, February 22, 2009


Over the past 2~3 days I've been seeing/hearing/doing this world alot.

"Hello! Long time no see *hugs*"

"Bye see you soon! *hugs*"

*Sees someone in a club but the music is so loud so all you can do is wave, smile and give a hug*

Many many personal messages on MSN saying "Need a hug now" , or "would really appreciate a hug", or something along that line.

Jia-Li's spastic "Huu-huuu-huuug".

Shen telling me about Jay Son who always go "Bro, hug" while spreading his arms whilst lying in bed in the morning.

Hugging bolster/pillow to sleep. Okay I meant this one as a joke haha.

But then again, this hugging thing has been pretty normal, at least to my social circle.

It's probably something that comes together with a Hello or Goodbye. Something people do just as a courtesy or because its the norm nowadays.

But for me, I believe hugs serve a better purpose. Something deeper. Like how swimming pools appear shallower than they are due to refraction, but when you add in all the calculations (light bending/ angle of refraction etc) you'll know its true depth.

Just by hugs alone, we can interpret many things.

Whenever I give or get a hug, I sort of get a hidden message.

If someone gives you a long, tight hug it feels as if he or she says "Hey it's so good to see you, really glad to see you!"

But if it's like just some brief, half-hearted one then it explains "Yea okay whatever".

So yea, I cherish hugs! It makes life feel like there's more love and compassion in it.

People always say I give great hugs.

Now you probably know why, cause there are feelings and a certain warmth and cosiness that comes along with it =).

So watch the video below and be inspired! Props to Arif who told me about it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Finally, I see how things are going.

I know what to do now.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sien Diao

Hmm. Haven't updated in a while.

Just to show I'm still pretty much alive:


Then suddenly I realised what that picture looks like..


Cheesepie WTF Boon you skank homo copy my pose!

My gambling luck for CNY is wtf sad.

First day of CNY went to Shen's place (BTW the whore came back for CNY for 1 week).

Lost RM30 in Black Jack to Daniel.

Yesterday again lost RM30 to Daniel.