Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I used to have a bitch (Shen don't perasan) back in my old house in Malaysia. I was a young and naive boy. I didn't know how to take care of her. She became really ferocious. And the weird thing was her diet was only milk and bread. She had a body to die for man. Curvy curvy. I bet all the other dogs envy her. But since she's so fierce I had to give her away.

I should have trained her well. =(.

Also, I used to have tortoises, fishes and hamsters.

You see, I really like animals (Bet most of you are like "HAHAHA YOU'RE A PANDA YOURSELF!". Whatever Moron. =.=) I liked watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Trust me when I say I rather watch Animal Planet than watching a live football match (Unless of course its a major match which includes Man Utd kicking the livers out of the Liverfool players. Then they'll just be fools. Hmm.)

So now I have my own bachelor pad in Melbourne. Now I need a best friend! Huhuhu. Say Hi to my new pet, Pandog!


I Wish La ._. Can hardly take care of myself. Will definitely get one which looks like this next time though! Haha.

Just a simple update

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A New Beginnig.

Starting today, I am a NEW man!
In a NEW city!
With a NEW life!

I'll study everyday

No clubbing

No alcohol

No bumming

Stop gaming

Make reading my hobby

Clean the toilet

Vacuum the carpet

Wash my dishes

Stop eyeing hot chicks

Go to the library every other day

Stop being lazy

Get a to-do list

Fulfil my new year's resolution

Throw my rubbish

Hand in assignments on time

Stop being perverted

Stop insulting others


Oh, but wait. What date is it today? =X