Saturday, October 30, 2010

Smile, it shows how strong you really are.

Almost November already.

The last time I blogged it was my birthday.

Much shit has happened since then.

Grandmother passed away :(. Ironic that in my last post I mentioned no one relatively close to me has left me.

Was a horrible feeling. I thought I was okay when I first heard the news, took a flight back home the next day. I thought I would be strong, that I would take it like a man.

But upon reaching home, I broke down seeing all my relatives mourning and crying. I didn't imagine it to be this hard. I couldn't exactly bring myself to the coffin where my grandmother was laid.

But that was 2 months ago. I am in a much better shape compared to then. Am already back in Melbourne, and life just goes on. And Melbourne's weather isn't exactly helping. Sometimes a little too hot, sometimes too cold, sometimes its pouring like a bitch.

Now, am looking forward to going home at the end of November.

I need a new start.

RIP, Madam Tee Siew Poi, beloved grandmother.