Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chapter 10: Sweet Sixteen, You Say?

Form 4, as sour as a lemon. Who. The. Hell. Said. Sixteen. Was. Sweet? Totally dumb. Form 3 passed by like a blink. Happy memories of that year made me want to turn back time, and go through it again. But all I can do is to look back at the memories now. Actually, Form 4 could've been better, minus the teachers. The Physics teacher bores me. The Biology teacher was okay. The Chemistry teacher, I think he learnt how to hypnotize people (names will not be mentioned as I might risk being expelled). But all in all, It's still great fun.

The issue of racism began spreading like a virus. Suddenly, everyone is a racist. Seems like the whole class is infected by the disease. All sorts of racist remarks started shooting around the class, between the Chinese, Malays and AN (1) Indian. So, it's quite obvious that only Indian is being bullied like crazy, but I don't think he'll mind. Like I care XD.

I think I'll end the chapter here, as the year is not over. Take Care, people.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Chapter 9: Gay Pride Parade

As years passed on, there were many things which I discovered, so many experiences, the sweet, the sour, the salty, the bitter and the tasteless. There was much more to this world than school and games. I discovered a whole lot of friends, those who are a few years older than the current me. They showed me a new side of the world, a whole from another's eye view.

Back to the chapter, Form 3 was a very gay and "gay" year. A very happy year for me, but also a year full of molestation. Maybe people tend to change a little, once they cannot get what they want, or maybe due to desperation. And my oh my, I must admit that the music industry changed the lifes of my friends alot, mine included. Music cheers us up when we're down, music makes us want to sing and dance, and last but not least, music turns one normal person gay. For some reason, many of my male friends worshipped The Darkness (a rock band, if you didn't know). Especially the song titled "I Believe In The Thing Called Love". Thats how I actually got closer to a few friends, sadly to say, through some gay stuff. I think the whole band was gay, so they came up with a gayer song.

Shen Jin and Ken were in love with the song, they started "touching people" and spread the holy words of gayism to the whole form. They will come and touch you while saying "Touching You~!" and then you turn gay! (Congrats!) This gay thing affected Collin so much he became very (and I mean very) gay. The tune of the song itself makes one feel gay. The whole year was definitely abnormal.

Form 3 was also my "Slack-Off" year. I started discovering the beauties of online gaming (Whee!) and my first encounter was to Ragnarok Online, and through that I met all sorts of people, and made good friendships with Christopher's friends (VK's brother). That year, I got closer to Ken, Shen Jin, Nicholas Quah, Chin Keong and Vincent (P/S - All gaming freaks). I also met Christopher, Erwin, Jun Jie and Kah Yat, all older than me. They made me feel like becoming a post SPM student even more. Enjoying the night life, driving, everything! Erwin was the closest to us (and still is). I don't know why, but maybe he's a little childish =D. But he's a very nice person,a very good person to depend on (Erwin! Drive me here; Erwin! Drive me there).

So anyways I enjoyed the whole of Form 3, oh, and Study Skills was full of dumb crap. And Shen Jin is still singing his beloved song. And Ken, unfortunately, became normal (T_T). Nick Quah, still screw that bugger! =). Haha! Chin Keong, gaming like usual. Basically everyone's still the same. Nut was in love with a janitor's item. I'm spilling out all the secrets. God please bless me, for this might be my last blog if get whacked up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Chapter 8: Friends or Foes?

Form 1 passed by, gone like the wind. As I stepped upon the class 2 Cempaka, I feel that special feeling. The feeling I had long forgotten. I call that feeling, stress. I was surrrounded by many unfamiliar faces, except for a few, who came up to this class with me, mostly nerds (except me). The class was filled with happiness and joy, as many of the unfamiliar ones chatted with each other. I took the back seat of the class, with my trustworthy Cinapek friend, Benson. We both studied and examined everyone in the class. Like all other classes, the class is divided to a few groups. The "Smart and Quiet's", the "Nerdy and Freaky's", and the "OMG so Cool's". Majority of them were the OMG so Cool's. Oh, that year, there was also the "Reject" and the "Neutrals". I'll consider myself a Neutral.

Friendships blossomed between me and my new classmates within the first 6 months of that year, as my relationships with people in the other classes declined. I'm sorry to all those I had ignored in that year (e.g. Ken, Nik Q and few others, sowi). For all that made my year 2003 unforgetable, I appreciate that. I sincerely thank (in no particular order) Chin Keong, my "cousin", Hon Sen, Nut, JY, Joshua, Faridq, Nigel, Yun, Joyce, Siew May, Mei Yen, Aza, Her Royal Highness Nurul (I was more like insulthing her and her torn ligaments =D), Li Hong, the "Nerd and Freaks", the Tan's (Jay Son and Hui Eng), VK, and Tze Lin. For now, my memory only serves me that much. If I had forgotten any, please forgive me, I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didn't do (OK, if I continue I'll sing the whole song out).

Some in the list might not regard me as friends, but I, being gullible and naive, regard them as friends, for they guided me through my seconds, my minutes, my hours, my days, my weeks, my months, my years, my life. No man can survive without friends, and these people helped me survive. Throughout my life, I wondered, what is the purpose of my existence? Was it to irritate or to insult? No. I now know that I live not for myself, but for my friends and family. For they were always there for me, and I should always be there for them. I'll always cherish my friends. They are my fortune and my wealth.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chapter 7: Can You Feel The Lag Tonight?

Hey, this is, unfortunately, another crap post. Why? Blame streamyx for the extreme gay lag. They call it, uhm, slight drop in perfomance. Screw it. My download speed dropped from 30 kbps to 0.5 kbps as if being pulled by gravity. Heck, even gravity is only 9.8ms-2.

Streamyx has gone cuckoo and sadly to say there are only a few ISP's in Malaysia. So, fellow friends, bear with the lag and slowness and read my blog to fill ur past time! Feeling internet is your life? Cannot bear the gayness? Read My Blog!

Boring. Ciaoz.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Chapter 6: The End Of The Universe?

So, going on to Form 2. Terrible year. I basically struggled myself in 2 Cempaka. Why was I so damn smart in Form 1? LoL. Anyways, Form 2 was what I call, the Freak Year.......

The new era had came, and humans were not exactly humans anymore. They are either a little freakish or too nerdy. The two different type of people were like the Eloi's and Morlock's in The Time Machine. The future became too gay, so humans evolve together to suit the environment. But, there is still hope left, a normal human. His name was not Brian O' Connor. His name was Tan Wei Pin. Boo! Yea, yea, I know.

Back to the story, The Retards were some aliens who landed upon planet NF (stands for NerdyFreaky, once known as earth). They were so retarded looking they conquered the whole world. It was like there was no tomorrow, no hopes, nothing. The Freaks and Nerds were already fighting then, just like Humans and Orcs in Warcraft, when the Nerd-F-O landed. The three forces never stopped fighting. They fought for all means, money, power and maybe women (women might get too retarded or freaky or nerdy, but well, whatever makes them happy). So, The Nerds and The Freaks signed an alliance, to kick The Retards back to planet Retardono.

The Alliance created a team of super-freakos and super-nerdos. Although they have highly developed brains, they didn't intend to get a cool and high-tech name, instead they decided to take the name of superheroes by Marvel comic, and alter it. They are, the T-Freaks!! With the leader, Professor T (Ro Wern),and his comrades, Sliderman (Loong Jin, better known as Clark Chow), Kaixedo (Kai Ming, his tuxedo makes him blurrer), Incredible Khu (Darren, you won't like him when he's angry), Bulletproof Sami (Krishnan, immitating Chow Yun Fatt in the Bulletproof Monk show), NerdLeader aka Super Keong (Chin Keong, his name explains everything), and last but not least, Mushroom Boi (Tze Lin, now abandoned his superhero career and is now crippled).

However, The Retards were not that easy to beat. They had their own force of mutated flesh. They were E.C, S*******, just to name a few, and other villains. The battle Between The Alliance and The Retards were massive, normal soldiers were equipped with nuclear weapons. The heroes, they had the most fearsome, most horrifying, and most ugly (yep, I said ugly) war in the entire universe.

So, who won the war? The war is still going on, now and forever, until either one of the forces get busted inside out. I am currently living in this world, this place, filled with many weird people. I am in Sri Cempaka.

P/S: This chapter is one of the crap chapters to fill my blog up. Next chapter, I'll write about what really happened in Form 2.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chapter 5: The Rise of The Wild Panda

"What on earth is Sri Celaka?" I asked my parents when they forced me into the school's entrance exam. My parents were really good at lying, I must say. "Oh, it's just a test to see where you stand at an international level," they replied. So, I went for the exam. Soon after finishing my exam, I was asked to go for an interview. I remembered Pn. Aimi asking me "Would you like to study in this school?" and I was like "What the hell?!" The school was lacking smart people, so I answered yes.

So, since that very day, I was doomed to be in this school, haha.

Form 1 was a not-so-very-ok year. What do you expect? 1st day of school and I'm standing behind of Darren. We were in an assembly for new students. And some freak came turning to the back and asked me "Apa khabar?" Weird. Is he a Malay? So I replied "Khabar baik". Turned out he thought I was a Malay and I thought he was a Malay. Weee! Malays! Forget about that. Something's lurking far far away outside the hall, all the way in class 1 Terra, my class.

I stepped in the class. The whole class was filled with a bunch of hooligans except for one corner. The bottom right hand corner. Two people sat there, one is the all legendary Prof T (Ro Wern) and the other, ugh, I'll call her E.C. She was wearing a weird costume, I mean uniform. I think I'd seen some primary girls wearing that. Weird. I have to pick between 2 of them, as I wondered why they were isolated. I've found the answer now. One's too nerdy. The other one....

I decided to take a seat next to the normal looking one, Ro Wern. He's kinda weird. Mumbling this and that, and keep saying "I've got 5 A's too, why am I in this class?" I also found out he's quite a gamer. Another new girl approached my freaky corner. Large nostrills, big butt. Guess who? You're right! (Please don't read my blog Hui Eng) Anyways, she sat next to E.C. Sad. Ro Wern left the class after a few days to go to 1 Cempaka. What a celaka.

Few months passed. I've made quite a number of new friends. One of them, was what caused the rise of the Wild Panda. My Indian friend, Sanjiv. "Hey, you know what? You look like a panda!" Then he started telling everyone. The next day, "Hey Panda," here and "Hey Panda," there. -_-". I started to get a nickname for him too. I called him "Black Baboon". No response. I'm a loser.

A few months passed again and I made very good friends with Hon Sen, Faridq, and Ken. Hon Sen, Ken and I was more of the Cinapeks singing crap Cantonese songs and jokes. Darren? Faridq and I were insulting him till there was nothing more to insult. Nick Q? Screw that bugger, though I used to play basketball with him, now we don't even have a rim. Oh, there was a Kampung who me and Faridq teased till she cried. Faridq's a bad influence to me. Oh wait! There's also Mop! She was in the entrance exam and my old school for like and we never even spoke from Primary 1 till 6. We were never in the same class in Primary (she's a little dumb ;p). Form 1, same class as her. Ever heard of extreme sadness? That's what I felt like being in a class with her. Erm who else? Oh theres Li Hong. Nevermind bout her...

Oh, Azaliya and Ashman too. Forgot those 2. Ashman was a joker and a rich b*stard. Azaliya was a victim of Ashmans rubber band shooting. Haha. Azaliya sat next to me after Ro Wern left. My results in Form 1 was, as usual, good. I rocked. And I know you know it.

Sanjiv, thanks lots for that name.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chapter 4: The Rainbow

The rain poured as if pitying someone. The sun hid behind the clouds with sympathy. The flowers wither. My whole life was soaked with fear, darkness, sadness and sorrow. Why do I see smiling faces? Where's this thing called happiness? Why was the whole world against me? Why was I born? Those were my feelings. My feelings were my pain. My pain taught me how to be stronger.

I was enveloped in the darkness, as I wondered how my future might be. The pouring rain drenched my soul as I hoped and prayed for a miracle. Out of the blues, my prayers were answered. The sun revealed itself, as the rain dissolved with the darkness. I looked up into the sky. A rainbow. It's beauty mesmerized me. It lightened up my whole life.

As I stepped up to Primary 4, I gained many promising friends. Friends who cared for me, friends who lent me their ears, friends who touched my heart. The whole lot helped me through Primary 5 and 6 too. I sincerely thank them. Without them, I wouldn't be as cheerful today.

The rainbow represented my friends, my future, my life.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Chapter 3: Primary. Bleh!

The endless night finally came to an end. The gargoyles are now asleep ;p. Sun began to colour the sky with a blend of yellow and orange, what beauty. Daybreak arrived when I reached Primary One. I'd gain a lot, experienced a lot, suffered a lot. 1st day of Primary School was very promising. I see tears flowing down the cheeks of others as their beloved parents walked off, as if never returning. I rubbed my eyes. Not even close to wet. It seems that I'd became rather independent and bold, partly because the school was right in front of my house, and I can run home anytime if I wanted to, wee!

In school I had always tried to be a hero. Not like Loong Jin (Superman, kekeke) or Tze Lin (Spiderman, currently crippled). God liked to play games with me. I was and will always be destined to be in the noisiest class. I was then, and still am now, sigh 4 Sc 1 (thanks to Collin). So, one day, when the teacher was outside class talking to another teacher, the class became a market. Ah, I see fish mongers and butchers... Anyways, I shouted "Keep Quiet Class!" and in milliseconds the teacher came in and asked, "Who shouted just now?!" My class had about 40 people, and i see 39 index fingers pointing to a direction which I call me. A 40th index finger pointed there too, as i said "Me?".

Fast forward a few minutes. I came back to my seat, sobbing like a S.O.B. My pain receptors on my right hand sent a message to my brain indicating an agonizing pain a few moments ago. Whack! was the sound. The teacher said "Don't shout again next time". OK, OK, whatever. Ever since then, I decided not to be a hero anymore, I decided to be the Villain instead /gg. Well, I stole for my 1st time in Primary 1, and no one knows, so I got away with it. Being the bad one was easy! Muahahahahahaha!

Primary 2 and 3 was nothing much, I was a little mischievious, and didn't get into trouble like Collin. Well, at least not as much as Collin.

End. Chronicles of The Wild Panda. Copywrighted 2005.

Chapter 2: The Tadika Nightmare!

I'd suffer from many bitter experiences in my early years. Maybe it's in my blood for being bulliable. My father, my sister, they are very what's it called, ah yes, gullible. They were always like too kind, too easy to get something from. I went to Peter and Jane Kindergarten at the age of 4. Boy, 1st day of kindegarten was terrible. I remembered I was crying like there was no tommorow, as I see the shadow of my mum disappear. I was afraid. Very afraid. "Who's all this people?" I used to ask myself. But things got better after that, thank God.

Year 2 was when the real nightmare began. I had a phobia of being scolded for doing anything. At night, I could barely sleep. I laugh at myself when I thought how stupid I was that time. Bloody colour pencils. You see, the kindergarten provides us with stationeries, which we keep in our class. I've always been the victim of theft, it was just so frustrating. Everytime I find one stationery missing I'll go crazy. I'll start crying and always had the fear of being punished. I had to trouble my mum everytime. But my mum was very caring, comforted me everytime and lullabies me to sleep without fail. Great.

By Year 3 in kindergarten i was like "Go ahead, steal my stationeries or whatever, I don't care," but they didn't get stolen anymore, LOL. Instead, I got to sit next to my "best" friend. Well, my so-called "best" friend started bullying me, damn it. One incident that was always in my memory was he putting rubber dusts into my ear. Fine, fine another year went on, full of miseries and sorrows. My early years were covered in darkness (blame krishnan =D).

Sunday, April 03, 2005

My Past

16 years ago, a not-so-very-famous boy was born on the 1st August 1989. 16 years later, he started blogging. So, what happened in the 5844 days, you ask? Let me bring you through the Chronicles of Wild Panda!

Chapter 1: Infant Years
Born to a financially stable family, I must say I can't ask for more. I got almost everything i wanted, and I'll cry if i don't. So, I'll still get what I want. Well, all i ever wanted was milk, sleep and fun back then. And all I could do was to cry. Infant Years, remember? Haha, anyways, I started to age (who doesn't) and I'm in my adolescence in no time. I guess Chapter 1 is quite short, as I remember nuts bout anything. Chapter 2 will be longer, I suppose.

End of Chapter 1.