Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's really true

That we don't appreciate things until they are gone.

Over the past week I've heard news about people's relatives passing away. Then I start to wonder what difference would it make if I passed away. Would people be saying "I miss him"? And how many people would drop a tear or two for me?

Then again, I cannot imagine anyone close to me passing away. All those memories we had together will be flooding my thoughts. That must suck so bad.

Oh well, thankfully for me no one remotely close to me has disappeared from me yet. But I know the feeling will tear me apart once it happens. And to make it worse, everybody dies. So it's just a matter of time.

I was also thinking about whether it is better if I die first and let others cry, or be the last one standing whilst watching everyone else go.

I think the former thought is pretty selfish. But the latter one isn't that good either. Imagine being the last one going up to heaven/down to hell. Talk about being fashionably late. And also being a Malaysian!

I think I'm having random thoughts. I feel like eating bananas. My spectacles need cleaning. Things are looking pretty blur. Ooh! Would you still need to wear spectacles after you're dead? Must suck hard. Imagine dying without bringing the ghost of your glasses. Hahaha. I started this post talking about death. I guess I should end it that way too. Goodbye, world.

Death, picture of Shen photoshopped by yours truly

I'm going home on Thursday!