Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Telefon Bimbit Aku.

Aku mempunyai sebiji telefon bimbit. Aku amat suka telefon bimbit aku. Aku mendapat telefon bimbit sejak saya berusia dua belas tahun. Pada masa itu, telefon bimbit aku sangat "hip". Nokia 7210 namanya. Warnanya keemas-emasan "Champagne Gold" dan game yang paling best ialah "Snake". Itu snake sangat dingin punya. Saya pro, tidak guna 2 4 6 8 untuk main tapi guna 1 dan 9 ataupun 3 dan 7. Itu snake aku main sampai score 1400 lebih. Best sekali. Kawan-kawan semua pun cemburu pada aku.

Tetapi telefon bimbit itu jadi kuno sangat cepat. Dia mampus seperti dinosaur. Itu telefon bimbit dengan skrin warna warni mula dibuat. Jadi aku pun merajuk kerana mahu main snake yang berwarna. Akhirnya aku berjaya dapat telefon Nokia 3200 setelah bermanja manja dengan ayahku. Tapi malang tidak berbau. Itu telefon tak ada SNAKE! Aku berasa hampa. Itu dunia seperti sudah akhir. Tapi tiba tiba saya ternampak game "Bounce". Mataku bersinar sinar. Aku tekan "Open". Itu loading sangat lama. Tapi aku sabar. Aku tunggu game buka.

Game buka. Saya nampak sebiji bola merah. "Apasal ni?" aku terfikir. Aku mulai tekan butang butang. Game itu semakin menarik perhatian aku. Aku ketagihan. Hari hari aku main bounce. Aku semakin lama, semakin pro. Itu bola merah bergerak begitu pantas seperti ingin keluar dari skrin. Aku best sekali.

Tapi itu pun ketinggalan zaman. Aku bagi emak guna. Aku tidak puas. Aku inginkan lebih. Aku ingin Bounce dalam 3D. Hah! Best kan? Jadi aku nampak poster N70. Tercool sekali. Ia ada 2 megapixel kamera. Boleh ambil photo upskirt! Jadi aku mengambil keputusan untuk beli. Mana tahu, telefon ini menghampakan saya lagi. Tak ada bounce dalam 3d. Tapi ada snake 3d. Tak kisah lah.

Begitulah kisah telefon bimbit aku. Sekian terima kasih.

OK wtf did I just write? Nevermind. Anyhow, here's something that happened today. It was a normal Tuesday, I was doing my normal thing, but (you guessed it) something abnormal happened! At 7++ pm. I received a call on my telefon bimbit. Unknown number. I was half expecting a chinese ah lian telling me I've won a lottery of RM 1,000,000 and all I have to do is deposit RM3,000 into some unknown bank account and I'm good to go. I was half right.

A Chinese woman goes, "Wei Pin! Chi liao mei you?" (Have you eaten?)
Me: Err, chi bao liao (yes I've eaten)......*who on earth? why they know my name?*
Chinese woman: Wo shi Miss Tok ah!! Wo yiao chiek fen la! (I'm Miss Tok. I'm gonna marry soon!)

And so on. Turns out Miss Tok, my form 3 maths teacher is gonna marry and she plans to invite some from out batch! Woot. Currently, still planning whether or not to go. 75% sure though. So. Bye.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Granado Espada.

Ooh. My finals in 2 weeks. Wheeee. I'm so uber mega prepared to sit for them. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anyway I thought I should at least update to keep this dead blog going. Here's what I've been doing online for the past few months.

Playing Granado Espada!

This game is made by Hakkyu Kim, the one who made Ragnarok Online. Certainly it did not disappoint me. The thing is, this game is truly different from other MMOs. Allow me to introduce you to the world of Granado Espada!

The story is set in the old world of Orpesia, in the country of Oporuto. The people of Oporuto were facing economical problems. Food is scarce, people dying of starvation. Previously, Oporuto and highly resourced country of Katai were having trades, but this has been cut of by the enemies of Oporuto, namely Targa, Illier and Vespanola from the East, while the Dark Sea blocks everything off on the West.

Brave adventurer Ferrucio Espada decided to travel across the Dark Sea, in hope of finding another route to Katai, but instead, he found a new world (means he's the Christopher Columbus here). Oporuto named the new world Granado Espada (Lol if the same happens to US today it will be called Granado Columbus) and spent all its last remaining resources to develop the new world. Oporuto went into bankruptcy, and everything they ever owned were taken over by Vespanolans, who relieved the country's debts, and in the process annexed all of Oporuto's holdings in Orpesia and Granado Espada.

After that, Vespanola were attacked by their enemy Brestia, which started the Three Year War. The deciding battle was the Balearas Naval Battle, where somehow, Vespanola's small fleet miraculously defeated the mighty Brestian fleet.

The war forced Vespanola to ignore its interests in Granado Espada, and also created a new class of social elites the Wartime Nobles. Due to the inability of the Wartime Nobles to adapt to peace and control problems in Granado Espada, the Queen of Vespanola has issued a "Reconquista Policy" urging Vespanolan families to migrate over to Granado Espada to retake the land for the Queen and Country.

Your adventure begins with your family looking for power, fortune and glory under the Reconquista.

More next time. Meanwhile. A few screenshots for eye pleasure. These screenies were taken by me.



Martial Arts Team

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Just for the sake of..


Recently dunno what to talk about. Life's repeating itself (at least for me). Oh yea.. I still have my collection.. Ahh but I'm so lazy to take the camera out and snap. Will update more next time. Shit. The blog's becoming like last time. Its a surge graph. Suddenly and outbreak of posts. Then die down. Noooo. But it's not like I have anything to blog you know. I don't go snapping pictures in dressing rooms and post it all up and call it a post. Gargh bimbo blogs. Ahaha.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Kai Zen sent me a link. It was da bomb man. Its a spoof on Rockstar by Nickelback! Superb. Marvelous. Watch it.

http://view.break.com/372438 - Watch more free videos

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Monday, October 01, 2007


I was lost in thought after watching a certain video. It was unfamiliar territory.

Have you ever wondered how would things be if they were to happen backwards? Or how would things be if you solely perform and do actions like you do in this "forward" moment while others move backwards? Do some of us think that way?

I have an example. Was in college today and we were joking about something. Chinky didn't quite get it. It struck him only after a long moment and Jonah was saying "Chinky you slow la, you're like a big lorry taking damn long to gear up." Chinky, as usual, made a comeback with "I'm a fast car traveling in the wrong direction." Then I started thinking. That IS something like backwards motion, no?

There are many things that will look weird if done in a backwards motion. Except for maybe yawning. And making love.

Yawn = mouth closed, mouth opened, mouse closed.
Making love = Thrust, pull back, thrust, pull back.

Will be the same anyway =). Anyway, enjoy the video below.

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